Animal based-proteins like those found in Eukanuba have been clinically proven to help promote strong lean muscles in your pet. Feeding a premium diet like Eukanuba in conjunction with regular exercise encourages good mobility and functionality. With good nutrition playing a key role in maintaining a lean body mass, you can help your dog stay in good shape and enjoy an active life.

Extraordinary Dog Facts

Dogs are extraordinary athletes and rely on strong healthy muscles. Eukanuba formulas contain nutrients such as animal protein for lean muscle and specific amino acids for healthy weight.

Why it Works

Animal based proteins like chicken contain a complete amino acid profile, and are clinically proven to promote strong lean muscles. When you combine a 100% complete and balanced diet, as found in all Eukanuba formula’s, with regular exercise, you’re encouraging good mobility and function in your pet. Eukanuba diets also contain L-carnitine*, a natural fat burner, to help maintain optimal weight and promote lean muscles

* L-carnitine is added to all Eukanuba Weight Control, Senior and Large Breed Adult Formulas. It is also present in Eukanuba Premium Performance and Premium Condition, Eukanuba Daily Care Sensitive Joints, and all Eukanuba Breed Specific diets.


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