A dog’s nutritional needs and digestive capabilities are significantly different from humans. To help his all round well-being, he requires a diet that provides digestible ingredients like protein found in chicken, lamb, and fish, as well as fat, vitamins and minerals. All of which are found in Eukanuba formulas.

Extraordinary Dog Facts

A dog’s digestive tract is extraordinary. About six times his body length, it takes a meal 7-10 hours to pass through his body.

Why it Works

Eukanuba™ contains beet pulp, which is effective in helping support digestion. Beet Pulp promotes healthy digestion by providing nourishment to intestinal cells. It has also been shown to help improve stool quality and promote nutrient absorption.

Eukanuba™ is shown to give firmer more compact stools than diets with other types of fiber.

beet pilp study

stool study

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