How to Choose the Best Protein for Your Dog

Protein is a vital part of a dog’s diet. It builds muscle and promotes a healthy immune system. But not all protein is alike. Here’s where you can learn which protein is best for your dog.

The Best Protein for Dogs Comes from Animals

The highest-quality proteins are derived from animals. Veterinarians recommend that 90% of the protein in dog food should be derived from animals.* At Eukanuba, we pack our food with ingredients such as all-natural chicken, lamb, fish, and eggs.

How to Read Dog Food Labels

You can tell if the protein in your dog’s food is high quality by reading the label. But first you'll need to understand what it means:

  • If the food is labeled as being made “with” meat products, it may have as little as 3% meat in it.
  • Brands that have a named protein source in the title and do not use the “with” statement—such as "beef formula"—indicate that at least 25% of the product is beef.
  • Where does protein fall on the list of ingredients? Items mentioned first, second, and third are present in higher quantities than those further down the panel.
  • Do not be immediately alarmed if your pet's food is not made with recommended ingredients. Such ingredients are not unsafe for your pet.

What Eukanuba  Dog Foods Deliver

Our company is dedicated to producing the best dog food in the industry. That means using only the finest ingredients, including high-quality proteins such as those found in chicken, fish, and eggs. Because our formulas contain added vitamins and minerals, you will know that your dog’s diet is healthy and will provide him the proper nutrition for years to come.

* Findings are drawn from a July 2002 telephone survey of full-time veterinarians whose patients are majority dogs and cats, conducted by an independent research company.