Eukanuba Transition

Eukanuba™ is part of a global company with products manufactured in dedicated factories around the world.


To ensure the ongoing availability of your dog's diet, we continue to source Eukanuba™ products from multiple factories wthin our factory network, which now includes Bathurst, Australia.


For all Euaknuba™ dogs currently using the following diets, we recommend a 7-day transition to the new kibble which is now being made in Australia.


To ensure a smooth transition and to minimise upset stomachs, we recommend you purchase your next bag of Eukanuba™ when you have at least 7-days of your current kibble remaining


(List of all transitioning diets)


Some important things to note!

  • Formulation and kibble consistency remains the same??
  • Ingredient enhancements result in a new joint benefit
  • Raw materials in transitioning diets are now sourced in Australia so there might be slight changes