As he grows, your puppy will have a higher requirement for energy and essential nutrients (per kg of body weight) than an adult dog. However, he has less digestive capacity, a smaller mouth and fewer and smaller teeth—all of which limit consumption and digestion. A highly digestible diet will help your puppy adapt more quickly to solid food.

Why It Works

Eukanuba™ contains beet pulp, which is effective in supporting digestion.  Beet Pulp promotes healthy digestion by providing nourishment to intestinal cells. It has also been shown to help improve stool quality and promote nutrient absorption.

Eukanuba™ is shown to give firmer more compact stools than diets with other types of fiber.

beet pulp study

stool scores studyEukanuba™ is shown to give firmer more compact stools than diets with other types of fiber.





Digestive upsets may occur occasionally if, for instance, food intake is too high. If your puppy should have severe diarrhea or vomiting though, consult your vet as quickly as possible.

  • Do not change you puppy’s food in the first few days in his new home as it will only add stress.
  • After this, if you are changing his diet, introduce new food gradually over a four-day period.
  • Do not supplement a balanced diet formulated for growth as over-nutrition may be detrimental.
  • Look for a diet containing beet pulp, clinically proven to help promote digestive health.

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