If your puppy’s intake of protein and energy is of insufficient quantity or quality, his hair coat will be dull and dry. High quality protein, essential fatty acids and certain minerals and vitamins found in a complete and balanced diet, like Eukanubapuppy food, are essential to maintaining healthy skin and coat.

Extraordinary Dog Facts

The skin is the largest organ of the body and represents 24% of a newborn puppy’s body weight versus 12% when he matures.

Why it Works

Eukanuba™ contains important ingredients for a healthy skin like high quality animal protein from chicken, lamb, fish and egg. These proteins are especially helpful because 30-35% of a puppy’s daily protein intake is needed just to keep his skin and coat in good condition. Essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals and special nutrients also support skin health.

Protein Essential amino acids for skin and coat maintenance
Omega-6 Skin and coat shine, texture and barrier properties
Omega-3 Supports healthy skin and coat
Zinc Protein metabolism and wound healing
Copper Tissue, pigment and protein synthesis and cell protection
Vitamin E Helps to protect skin cells from oxidant damage
Biotin Utilization of protein and fatty acids
Vitamin B2 Fat and protein metabolism


skin & coatFeeding studies clearly show that a high quality diet like Eukanuba, which has an optimal omega-6 and omega-3 acid ratio between 5-10:1 helps support skin health and coat shine.