Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take for my membership application to be processed?

A: We aim to have applications processed within 1 -2 business days

Q; How will I know that my application has been processed and is successful ?

A: You will receive an email confirmation with the link to the Eukanuba ProShop

Q: How can I pay for my Eukanuba Order?

A: By credit card at check out – Visa and Mastercard

Q: Can I just order Puppy Packs without placing a food order?

A: No packs are only able to be ordered with a product order.

Q: Is there a minimum order?

A: Yes minimum order is 15kgs

Q: How much will the shipping cost?

A: All orders are shipped at no cost.


If you have any further questions re the Eukanuba Breeders Club please CLICK HERE